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In 2011 we developed the first version of the notifications system for Scotiabank. It enabled a set of applications to send e-mail and SMS notifications to their customers. This system has been working for many applications and has been capable of sending more than 300 thousand notifications per month. Some time later, Scotiabank required to increase that throughput to more than 4 million notifications per month. In order to achieve this, we updated the technology used on the first version using Spring Boot and WebSphere 9. Also, the architecture was updated so the application can be horizontally scaled up by adding more servers if they need it to increase the throughput.


  • High availability¬†database with trace log for auditing.
  • Service Bus with¬†Web Services and API calls communication.
  • Multi channel interface to receive and deliver messages.
  • Point-to-point encrypted messages.
  • Updated for horizontal scaling.
  • Maximized performance per instance.