For over 20 years, P3 Operations and Supply Chain has been consulting OEMs and suppliers worldwide. The focus is on strategic orientations and sustainable optimizations for the development of sustainable production.
With our consultants and proven P3 standards and tools, we are available worldwide and secure the the supply chain at short notice. P3 offers the entire spectrum out of one hand starting with potential analysis, project setup and guidelines to a successful implementation & project execution.

Strategy & Advisory

If you are searching for long-term strategies, our world & industry wide experience and network will help you in defining your manufacturing footprint strategy.

Industrialization & Supply Assurance

Having to meet the highest quality standards – and this despite falling costs and low safety stocks – naturally creates tension in the complex supply chains from suppliers to OEMs. Even the slightest disturbance in the process creates acute challenges. At this sensitive interface, we are the right partner with our global OEM & supplier network, we offer short-term and at the same time sustainable solutions to secure the supply chain. Beside the methods and tools – all our consultants have the required soft-skills to manage the critical interfaces always with the target of de-escalation.

Beside already escalated topics – we feel us at home as well in the whole process of industrialization. Even the process & product audits you can get out of one hand.

Interim Management & Key-Process Support

The loss of key positions without a fast replacement causes a lot of trouble – in worst case in an insecure supply chain. Our experts have the right experience to fill up these functions in short notice. From taking over production planning incl. implementation of one of our proved tools, over specific quality responsibilities up to plant management – we are able to fulfill almost all major tasks within operations. As soon as you found your replacement – we will ensure a proper handover.



  • Rough planning method, not considering part number mixes (different rates).
  • Lack of standardized production planning criteria.
  • Lack of detail regarding coverage planning resulted in inadequate resource availability.
  • Inadequate capacity planning lead to additional costs of labor, special freights and inefficiencies in the production sequence.


  • Detailed calculation of each part number and its BOM over all production steps based on the SCOR-Model.
  • Development of an Excel-based tool to link all processes and requirements of major supporting areas.
  • Manuals and training documentation were created for all stakeholders of the new planning tool to assure sustainability after the project completion.
  • Based on the Coverage tools out of the P3 tool box, real coverage of Raw Material, WIP and finished goods were developed, as well as Supermarkets defined.
  • A Sub-Module was developed to evaluate the volatility of the customer demand in order to create the baseline for customer cost negotiations.


  • Production Planning tool developed and implemented.
  • Stakeholders trained in new procedures and requirements.
  • Resources are planned acording to real requirements and can be reduced.
  • Unplanned costs can now be avoided to reduce/eliminate extra time, special freight and excessive warehousing due for adequate material requirement planning.


  • Customer complaints due to mislabeling and mixing parts for shipments.
  • Incorrect shipping document transmission (poor document quality)
  • Frequent delivery time violation and missing parts
  • Lack of internal logistics to supply components


  • JIT/ Shipment Visualization Screens -performance tracking and awareness tool to speed up reaction
  • VSM development for part logistics process (waste elimination)
  • Layout optimization
  • Supermarkets and WIP definition
  • Scaling process introduction
  • Milk run development (Supermarket, standard routes, stock levels and fixed schedules for replenishment)
  • Continuous monitoring for KPI’s, audits and LOP activities.


  • Compliance of delivery time and good deliveries
  • Implementation of scanning processes for correct shipment document transmission (Documents Quality)
  • Improved inbound logistics process and elimination of wrong deliveries due to mislabeled and mixed parts, (handling and systemic optimization – scanning poka-yoke to assure no wrong delivery)
  • OEM audit compliance – 100% of open action were closed
  • Closure of all open logistics audit points (High Risk assessment)
  • Communication loops set-up between OEM & Tier-1 (KPI’s transparency)


  • Lack of transparency concerning type and occurrence of parts quality and supply deficits
  • High risk of unplanned production stops due to the lack of available data transparency of the Tier1
  • Implemented measures with critical suppliers are only partially effective


  • Critical suppliers transmit the relevant data to the OEM on a daily basis
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) or overall plant effectiveness
  • Production plan (output vs. delivery schedules); safety stocks; reject rates
  • Planned and actual stock of subcomponents
  • Recording cVSM (compact value stream analysis) by P3 group
  • Coordination of internal responsibilities and reporting and information flows between suppliers and OEM and P3 group
  • Continuous monitoring of bottleneck processes and inventories through KPI monitoring along the value stream


  • 72 radar implemented for 6 OEM locations at 79 suppliers
  • Transparent presentation through standardized reporting of all selected suppliers as decision support for management
  • Possible supply, inventory and capacity bottlenecks at critical suppliers are promptly identified and communicated by the 72-hour radar site support service
  • Suppliers start timely measures for sustainable improvement of delivery reliability



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